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Unicorn Smasher - Free Alternative

posted on 20-May-01

The most important component of the FireFox browser is the built-in browser Add-on; the Unicorn Smasher extension, for instance. In addition to some excellent features such as an advanced Search and Replace feature, it also has a few fun abilities that you can actually customize, which means there are a lot of possible add-ons to choose from.

However, if you want to download the free Unicorn Smasher alternative then you need to have some instructions to follow in order to get it. Fortunately, it's not that hard to get your hands on one if you look around a little bit. This way, you're going to save yourself some money while making sure you're getting a quality add-on.

You may be surprised to find out that there are free add-ons you can use that are very similar to what you'd get from the paid sites. If you have any doubts, take a look at my site and you'll find out the alternatives that you could be using at no cost.

Just because these add-ons are free doesn't mean they're not full of useful features. There's actually quite a bit to say about them and I think you will have a good idea once you start looking into them.

You'll notice that there are a few programs that are recommended by the makers of the Unicorn Smasher Firefox add-on; what I like about these add-ons is that they've been made to really fit within the free options. They just add a lot more functionality to Firefox without costing you any money.

Another thing you should know is that you can take the free Unicorn Smasher downloads link I've provided and build a program that's totally different from what the add-on actually does. Since they are really easy to create, there are probably hundreds of people who will enjoy creating their own version of the unicorn smasher extension.

It's something that they like to do because it's so easy to create; all you need to do is open up a Word processor and follow the instructions given there. Then you can get your own link to the extension that you can easily refer to whenever you need to access the Unicorn Smasher Firefox add-on.

It's no secret that the free options are no good unless you understand how to make the best programs out there. Most of the users that are in the know about programming to know this, so they prefer to stick with free options.

I'm sure you agree that it's always a lot easier to use something that's been created by someone who knows what they're doing instead of just choosing free add-ons that don't work properly. As a matter of fact, you might even think that the free options have better software than the ones that are available at the higher end.

The thing about these two free options is that they're already great add-on for their respective purposes. The only thing that you have to do is to customize it a little bit in order to be able to make it better.

Aside from Unicorn Smasher Firefox, there are other free add-ons available that is worth checking out, including the Pogo Cat Add-on. I can personally vouch for the free Unicorn Smasher download link I gave you; they're worth the money.

This type of free add-on doesn't mean that you should stop using paid add-ons for your Internet browser. I simply wouldn't recommend that because the free ones are generally a lot better and more feature rich than the paid ones.

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