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The Best Amazon Chrome Extension 2020

posted on 20-Feb-18

There is a compendium of Google Chrome extension tools that you can use to bolster your FBA listings. Sadly, this is one aspect that Amazon sellers fail to take advantage of. So, instead of solving your Amazon puzzles restrictively on the website, efficient add-ons are available for that extra revenue jolt.

chrome amazon extension

Amazon Chrome Extension: What is it?

Amazon Chrome Extension is a browser plugin which provides time utility, uplifting your sales,& ranking your venture high on the Amazon website.

Best Amazon Sales Estimator(s)

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension

Get your niche analysis on steroids with Jungle Scout. JS can send you on the path to discovering a revenue-spurting niche. Vendors get to project sales of every product on a webpage via excel spread-sheets. JS also enables you to receive information on:

  1. Average BSR (best seller ranking)
  2. Average price
  3. Pro opportunity rank of the item
  4. Vendor information
  5. Amount of item reviews

Viral Launch Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence by Viral Launch is an Amazon estimator paraphernalia that vendors can’t run without. It informs you about merch that you can trade in addition to the most revenue generating outcomes. Viral launch accords the vender a through understanding of the market, timeline of market patterns. The calculator is on-hand for pricing and revenue calculation. Viral Launch comes in 4 different plans with per-month & per-year subscription options. Supplementary is the 2 free month bonus for each yearly subscription plan.

Helium 10 Add-on

Helium 10 is prestigious for being one of the best Amazon FBA keyword extensions. H10 is efficient when it comes to tailing and planning the best keywords for your lists. Juicy perks of H10 include:

  1. Listing analysis
  2. keyword itemization & monitoring
  3. Development & optimization of item lists
  4. Competition analysis.

AMZ Scout (Pro)

The pro package of AMZ Scout can set you on the road to choosing inventory that helps you to sell & realize greater gains on Amazon. Interestingly, AMZscout is available in ten nations. Features embedded in AMZ scout include:

  1. Sales estimation
  2. Revenue estimation
  3. Analysis of itemization quality
  4. Trend overview
  5. Exportation of information on excel

AMZ Seller Browser

AMZ Seller Browser plug-in depicts crucial list data right on search result panes. AMZ Seller Browser outlays these pluses:

  1. Depiction of cost & ranking timeline by CamelCamelCamel in one quick snapshot
  2. Capable of adding Amazon Best Seller Rank to every item in the search
  3. Itemizes other items from familiar branding in rapid view
  4. Displays the Amazon sales status item
  5. Features regular Amazon.com & Amazon.co.uk
  6. Displays number of FBA venders on list

DS Amazon Rapid Review

DS Amazon view comes in dual iterations – 1 free & the other, paid. The paid iteration facilitates cost-free expert support, while the paid iteration/version of the extension has no support. Hover above the item image, addition of vender information & Amazon rank are some of the product-finding controls you can appropriate to keep tabs on your adversaries.

The Camelizer

Camelizer by CamelCamelCamel showcases highly relatable cost plots per item page. Camelizer extension is essentially a price watcher that informs the vender of alterations over an item over time. Thankfully, this one comes without in-application purchases.

Amazon FBA Keyword program

Amazon FBA Keyword program by SellerApp helps you to maximize your lists and is 100% free. In event that you require supplementary functions, there is a premium function. Levitate your sales in record time, unravel hard to see keywords, attain highest possible ranking.

Final note

Based upon your short-term selling goals such as feedback monitoring, rankings, profit data, industry-leader info accuracy, keyword relevance, smoothness of support services, etc., you should be able find the chrome extension that resonates with your business. Most importantly, never forget to check previous customer feedback before choosing your next Amazon chrome extension.


Are there any charges for Amazon Chrome Extensions?

Using Amazon item optimizers & analytics presented as Chrome Extensions mean that there will be charges. And while there are some free extensions, paid iterations are usually affordable from, ranging from as low as $20 each month to $100+ each month.

What exactly is Amazon assistant for chrome?

Amazon assistant for chrome is typically a mobile app or browser application that enhances buying experience over the internet. Main characteristics include real-time item gauging, accessibility to website, order shortcuts, shipping & deliveries, day to day deals on web & more.

What constitute a Good Sales rank on Amazon?

Amazon sales rank (aka ASR or BSR) is a numerical designation ranging from 1 to 1 million. Therefore, a good Amazon sales rank is one ranking #1 to #3

Meta description: Amazon chrome extension is a superb way to save investiture and valuable work hours when conducting keyword analysis, niche analysis, competition or cost tracking.

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